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Unlock Your Best Self: Menopause Weight Management for Fit and Active Women.

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Being a fit and active woman facing the challenges of menopause comes with some unique concerns.


The frustration of unexplained weight gain, the shifts in energy levels, and the changes in body composition can be disheartening, while altered metabolism, and hormonal fluctuations that cause menopause symptoms like hot flashes, sleep problems and anxiety, are often difficult to navigate.

The journey to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle during this transformative phase can feel insurmountable.  But menopause doesn't have to be a roadblock, it can be a turning point.

My comprehensive approach to women's health combines the latest scientific research with personalised guidance to help you achieve your weight & body composition goals, improved energy levels, and vibrant health.

Together, we can navigate this chapter with tailored nutrition strategies that support you to harness your strength, and redefine what it means to be a confident, fit and healthy woman at this stage of life.

Clinical Nutrition

I believe that to achieve true health we must nurture a healthy body and a healthy mind.


In my clinical practice I address nutrition, diet and lifestyle factors to assist you with a vast range of health concerns:

  • women's health,

  • weight management,

  • immune support,

  • digestive issues,  

  • fatigue,

  • stress and mood,

  • sleep disturbance,

  • poor diet.

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Urban Runners

Sports Nutrition

Whether you're a competitive athlete or simply striving to reach your personal fitness goals, the right diet and nutrition is central to your strength, training, performance and recovery.

As a Clinical Nutritionist I bring a holistic approach to sports nutrition with a focus on:

  • injury prevention,

  • improving energy levels,

  • strengthening the immune system,

  • support for muscle condition, healing and recovery,

  • addressing digestive issues,

  • body composition goals.

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If you are ready to start your journey to better health 

book in for a free, 10 minute Discovery Call

to find out how Nutritional Medicine can work for you

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