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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition


Sports Nutrition is the science and planning of the optimal diet to support athletic performance.

Whether you are an endurance athlete, a recreational sportsperson or a keen fitness enthusiast, the right nutrition is central to your strength, training, performance and recovery.

Your diet must provide adequate energy and the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to support your training, as well as vitamins and minerals for recovery and general health.

As a Clinical Nutritionist I bring a  holistic approach to Sports Nutrition, with a focus on:

  • injury prevention,

  • improving energy levels,

  • strengthening the immune system,

  • support for muscle condition, healing and recovery,

  • addressing digestive issues,

  • management of hormonal issue

  • female specific sports performance,

  • body composition goals.

In a Sports Nutrition consult I will talk with you about your training and performance goals, explore your full health and medical history and discuss other lifestyle factors that may influence your health and wellbeing. Together we will devise a strategy to support you to achieve your goals.

If you have questions book in for a free 10 minute Sports Nutrition Discovery Call to chat with me about your goals.

"Really good results from the half Ironman! I shaved 15 minutes off last years' time....your plans have helped improve my body composition and energy levels! I'd say that's a win for us".


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