About Melissa

Clinical Nutritionist

In my clinical consultations I spend considerable time with each of my clients, exploring all aspects of their health through case history exploration, dietary analysis, physical examination and pathology and functional testing in order to identify key factors that may be contributing to their health concerns.

My Treatment Plans  address nutrition, diet and lifestyle factors to assist with a vast range of health concerns including gut/digestive health, weight management, eczema and allergies, immune issues and more.

By addressing these factors through dietary planning, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation where necessary, I am able to help my clients manage their health concerns and live symptom free.



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I strongly believe that what we feed our body determines our quality and enjoyment of life. Good nutrition, together with plenty of fresh air, exercise and an active mind is the foundation for a happier, healthier future.

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My Story

I come from a family who feed from their hearts.
Celebrations, picnics, cultural festivals and even times of grief always have food at the centre of them. Each dining table and picnic rug is a smorgasbord of offerings of love from each one of us to the others.

Growing up, my maternal grandmother was the heart of the family who brought us all together to feast and share and support one another. My grandmother's traditional, eastern European cooking techniques and recipes were revered among our family and friends, but it was her intuitive knowledge of natural medicines that captivated me.

From simple remedies like gargling with garlic and salt water for a throat infection  to complex concoctions of herbs and raw egg yolks to treat a variety of viruses, my grandmother's natural remedies derived from things found in the garden or kitchen cupboard.

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